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Loxit Laptop Charging Trolleys

Loxit's laptop charging trolleys provide the ideal storage and charging solution in environments such as schools and training centres. Laptop computers issued to students or trainees on a daily basis can be returned for secure overnight storage and recharging in one or more of Loxit's storage trolleys, each of which is designed to accommodate a specific maximum number and size of laptop or netbook computers plus their chargers.

Loxit ensure their laptop storage and charging trolleys are built with safety, security and convenience as an integral part of their design. Safety is incorporated into their design by the use of high quality electrical components and natural ventilation for effective heat dissipation during charging. Security is assured by the use of superior steel construction and doors with professional quality mortice locks and full-length piano hinges. For convenience, the trolleys' stable and robust wheel arrangement provides easy transportation within the school or training centre.

Customers wishing to enhance their Loxit Laptop Charging Trolleys with any of Loxit's accessories, such as their trolley-immobilising Docking Kit, without installing it themselves, can make use of the company's Professional Installation Service.

Loxit iBank 8 Wedge Charge

£267.72 inc VAT

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Loxit iBank 8 Wedge USB Sync & Charge

£633.29 inc VAT

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Loxit Lapbank Laptop Trolley for 10 x 15.6 inch Laptops

£897.74 inc VAT

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Loxit Lapbank Premium Security Laptop Trolley for 30 x 15.6 inch Laptops

£2,159.18 inc VAT

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