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Compucharge Laptop Charging Trolleys

Compucharge Laptop Charging Trolleys are designed to offer high security storage of laptops while also enabling them to be re-charged during storage.

Most schools, colleges and other training centres have a variety of laptop computers that they issue to their students on a daily basis. At the end of the day, the laptops are returned for overnight storage. Overnight storage of a large number of expensive laptop computers presents a considerable risk of theft unless steps are taken to ensure their security. Compucharge's Laptop Charging Trolleys provide the perfect solution. Each trolley, depending on its specifications, can store a specific number of laptops of various brands and sizes on its shelves, and the trolley's superior construction and impressive anti-theft features can virtually guarantee the safety of the laptops while in storage.

In addition, Compucharge's Charging Trolleys, can enable re-charging of all the laptops during the storage period, so that they will be fully charged and ready for another day's use by the students. As a wheeled container, the trolley is also ideal for relocating the laptops to wherever they're needed.

Compucharge ChargeMate 16 - Charging Trolley - Blue

£828.00 inc VAT

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Compucharge ChargeMate 20 - Charging Trolley - Blue/Yellow/Red/Green

£966.00 inc VAT

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Compucharge ChargeMate i20 - Charging Trolley for iPad/Tablet

£1,044.00 inc VAT

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Compucharge TabCharge 30 - Charging Trolley

£959.99 inc VAT

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