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SMART Interactive Displays

Interactive display screens have revolutionised classroom teaching. Lessons or demonstrations are brought to life with vivid, colourful, interactive video displays and Hi-Fi audio that captivate the attention of students. Businesses are also making increasingly greater use of this technology for use in boardrooms and conferences.

An undisputed leader in this rapidly advancing hi-tech field is SMART Technologies. SMART's touch-screens represent the latest in interactive touch-screen technology, and anti-glare screen coating plus ambient light sensors that automatically adjust the screen brightness ensure optimal clarity wherever the display is being viewed. Interactivity is the main feature, and multi-touch interactivity means that more than one user can interact with the display at the same time, by using an extensive range of screen-touch gestures. For lesson content, Smart's educational software range can provide a large range of educational resources to help teachers create full, media rich, interactive lessons.

If required, our Professional Installation Service can carry out all the necessary installation procedures. This ensures that your Interactive Display, whether wall mounted or stand mounted, is safely and correctly set up and ready for use.

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