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Hi-Lo 750 Wall Lift 330mm Extension Foot

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Product Description

Extension foot compatible with Loxit's 750 Electric Height Adjustable Wall Lift.

Suitable for the Hi-Lo® 750 Electric Plasma Wall Lift or Hi-Lo® 750 Electric Whiteboard Wall Lift, the 330mm extension foot effectively transfers the majority of weight from the wall to the floor.
For use where walls are not suitable to fix the weight of a Hi-Lo® 750 Wall Lift and plasma screen, or whiteboard and projector setup, directly to the wall.

Product Highlights:


  • The 330mm extension foot transfers the majority of the weight from the wall to the floor.
  • Economical and stylish solution to transfer weight from the wall to the floor for the Hi-Lo® 750 Wall Lift.
  • Extends the bottom of the Hi-Lo® 750 Wall Lift to the floor transmitting most of the weight of the installation.
  • Foot extends 330mm.

Technical Specifications

Product Weight: 4 kg
Dimensions (D x W x H): 120 mm x 375 mm x 370 mm
Extension of Wall Lift : 330mm