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Compucharge ChargeMate 16 - Charging Trolley - Blue

Product code: Chargemate16

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Product Description

The Chargemate 16 charging and storage trolley is a lightweight yet strong portable trolley, designed to make transporting, storing and charging easy. It accommodates up to sixteen Classmate 2S batteries.

This cabinet is compliant with EN60950:2000 standards and is made from quality materials. Well designed, it is ideal for classroom use where its ergonomic rounded corners lend a functional yet pleasant appearance - and help to prevent possible collision damage to walls or doors. The internal shelving system is designed to stow electrical cables correctly and safely, putting an end to unsightly stray wires!

Internal shelving is sufficiently spaced to enable easy access and the trolley is internally ventilated, preventing overheating problems that are not uncommon in cheap, inferior products. Circuit breakers prevent damage from power spikes and surges. Outlets are positioned on the inside of the rear panel for safe and secure connection, with a mains cable two metres in length. Note that a twin 13-Amp socket is necessary for mains connection.

This product is manufactured in the UK and is supplied with a lifetime manufacturer guarantee (return to base); full details are included.

Approximate dimensions: 108 centimetres (height) x 58 centimetres (width) x 55 centimetres (depth).

Technical Specifications

Colour: Blue
Dimensions (D x W x H): 1080mm high x 580mm wide x 550mm dee
Warranty: Lifetime Return to Base (RTB) Warranty
Multi-brand compatible: no restriction on the make or mix of devices to be charged

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